Advantages and disadvantages of solar power

The advantages of using solar power are too many to count. However, it has disadvantages too. A few of its most obvious benefits are:

Considering that it is renewable, those who use solar energy do not need to get stressed out about running out of energy or not having sunlight. Being a non-stop power source, the sun is there all the time. However, the major advantage which draws people towards this form of power is that it is extremely environment friendly. There is no denying the fact that fossil fuels not only release greenhouse gases, but also emit carbon dioxide and carcinogens. Cells used in solar energy, on the other hand are harmless.

The panels can be relied upon any time of the day. There are no moving parts in them so you do not have to worry about having to replace any parts. Most interestingly, people use these for years and years for renewable energy in UAE without spending even a single dollar on their maintenance. The best part is that unlike other sources of renewable energy, these are soundless while collecting energy.

A wide variety of panel systems are available these days so that you can choose one that suits your needs as well as your budget. The cheapest ones are available for just a couple hundred dollars while the more expensive ones cost thousands of dollars. Being extremely affordable, everyone can acquire one. The fact is that the energy you obtain from an electricity company is far more expensive as compared to that acquired from a solar panel. Even though a startup cost is involved, you would never regret investing your money in this form of energy as it truly is very profitable in the long run.

The most appealing aspect to be mentioned here for those who want to buy solar panels in Dubai is that there is no need for one to be connected to a power grid. Those who build a big enough system can easily sell of the excess electricity generated by the system. Energy of this sort is readily purchased by electricity companies. Most amazingly, the government has announced several incentives for people utilizing solar energy systems. The popularity that is enjoyed by this form of energy can easily be guessed by the increase in its usage – a whole 50% installations increase on a yearly basis for small homemade systems.

The disadvantages of solar power however are inclusive of people not having the ability to produce electricity through this system at night and it being fairly expensive in terms of startup.