Symptoms of a psychiatric illness in your children

psychiatric illness in your childrenChildren can get the same type of mental illness as adults. But in a young age it is very hard for parents to identify any threat of mental illness and as a result most children don’t get the proper help they need. Even when they are on a red flag, it is still very difficult for parents to identify it as a mental illness and rather think it as a general mood swings, bad behaviour or mentally not very sharp.

Metal illness is curable if you have a proper authentic psychiatrist. Therefore, there are countless and qualitative child psychiatrists in Dubai to manage and cure children with utmost care and caution, that are properly medically certified psychiatrist who have a vast knowledge about the emotional and physical facets of children with psychological problem.

Symptoms of mental illness in children

  • Mood swings or feelings like sadness or withdrawal may be a warning sign and irregular mood swings that causes problems in relationship at school or home.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Look out for signs if a child has difficulty focusing or just sitting still for that matter, which may also lead to poor performance in school.
  • Behaviour swings or changes that includes major changes in behaviour or personality and also the appearance of out of control behavioural habits that include usual fighting, use of weapons or the urge to badly hurt or use of intense foul language are all indications leading to a serious psychiatric issue.
  • Intense feelings of overwhelming fear or worry for no apparent reason, sometimes with a racing heart or breath is also a sign for mental illness. This type of intense feelings majorly interferes in daily activities as well.
  • Physical symptoms in children are somewhat different than symptoms in adults as children tend to get headaches and stomach-aches rather than extreme sadness and anxiety.
  • Substance abuse is common in children who use it as a gateway to cope with their feelings.
  • The most dangerous and alarming sign is the physical harm also called the self-harm. This act usually consists of cutting or burning and deliberately harming one’s own body. Children at their tender age may also develop suicidal thoughts or worse attempt a suicide.


Mental illness is an issue which adults themselves find caved into it and cannot seem to cope with it. Therefore, it being present in children would mean that it is ten times more difficult to deal with. It is a responsibility of the parents to flag out these symptoms and reach out for an immediate and proper treatment for the betterment of their own children. For more information, click here.


psychiatric illness in your children