What You Need To Look For In Your Kid’s First School

Enrolling a child to Dubai private schools is a big step for parents and the kids. For parents, it is the next step on furthering their kid’s education and supplement what they learned from home. For kids, it is considered a milestone and a challenge as they will take on higher form of education.

Given the importance of the academic institution, it is a must for both parents and the children to choose the right school to enroll their kids. If you are currently scouting private schools near your area, here are some things you need to factor in when making a decision on what school to choose:

  1. Outstanding curriculum

The first thing that you need to check when you are choosing a school for your kid is the curriculum. But it would be best to do an initial research about the different curriculums being offered by international schools. You need to keep in mind that each curriculum has their own pros and cons. You need to compare the school’s curriculum against your kid’s needs. In case of Dubai British curriculum schools, they allow students to be independent by letting them choose their own majors in the future.

  1. Competent faculty


A team of capable teachers and facilitators is important on fostering learning. But aside from checking the educational background, skills, and experience of the teacher is just one half of their qualification. You need to see how they relate to their students and how they handle the difficult ones. They need to have the right attitude on dealing with kids, especially the young ones.


  1. Safe and secure facility


The safety of your kids is imperative, especially when they are away from home. You need to ensure that the school and the premises around is safe and child-friendly. You need to check whether the school has a current safety operating procedures that the school management implements to ensure the safety of the kids and the school staff. Be vigilant on checking the place and point out possible hazard zones that should be fixed or updated.


  1. After-school activities


Academics is important on your kid’s learning, but he/she also needs to pursue their passions and hobbies through extra-curricular activities for his/her holistic growth. Be sure that the academic institution that you will choose supports after-school clubs and encourage students on joining these organizations.