5 Property Management Hacks To Be A Better Landlord

Property Management To Be A Better LandlordWhen you are managing a couple of properties, it is hard to keep everything together. At times, being overwhelmed by the concerns of the tenants can make a landlord irritable and unreasonable. This can result to misunderstanding and conflict.

But landlords can still paint a good and lasting impression to their tenants by doing the following property management hacks:

  1. Do constant property checks

The old adage, “Prevention is better than cure,” is always applicable when you are a landlord. Most of the time, tenant complaints are due to long-standing problems that could have been prevented by early repairs or replacement. To avoid these issues, be sure to do regular check on your furnished apartments in Muscat, both occupied and not. Regular inspection would help you spot potential property problems and prevent these property issues from blowing out of proportions.

  1. Address concerns right away


As mentioned, long-standing problems that were not address are the usual cause of renting issues. Once a tenant comes to you with a problem, do not wait for days to provide solutions. Be sure to address the issue before the problem worsens. If the solution is yet to be provided, assure your tenants that the problem will be addressed and give them a timeframe of when the issue will be resolved. Also give them updates from time to time. Remember, as landlord, you want to make your tenants feel that they are being served.


  1. Greet your tenants


The media portrays landlords as a grumpy person and should be avoided at all cost. But you don’t have to play the stereotype. Instead of being a snob, greet your tenants with a smile. This would change their perception of you and will also help create a favorable impression of you. Tenants will feel more comfortable to approach you should they have concerns that they want to raise.


  1. Be proactive


Most of the times, problems are spotted because both parties (tenants and landlords) failed to inspect the property. In this case, take the proactive role of approaching the tenants to ask them if there are problems related to their living spaces. Being proactive will enhance your relationship with your tenants.


  1. Remind renters gently


Laid rents and payments is also a cause of conflict between two parties. In case of late payments, try to be as calm as possible when collecting rent. Gently remind tenants of their due and ask them the earliest possible time when you can collect rent.

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