5 Hacks To Prevent Being Offloaded In Airports

Some people probably experienced getting offloaded in airports for whatever reasons. This can be a big hassle and it will put all your travel preparation to waste. But Australian immigration consultants in Dubai said that there are ways to prevent this.


Should you find yourself being questioned that the airport or an immigration officers is quizzing you about your purpose for gaining entry to their country, here are the things that you need to do:

  1. Prepare the necessary documents

There is a reason why most travels have a document bag with them – so they can immediately present their travel documents in a timely fashion. Before you leave home, be sure that your passport, flight tickets, and visa are all in your hand-carry bag. You need to show this to any immigration officer that is questioning your presence in their airports. Putting them in your check in bags will get you into big trouble.

  1. Know the routine questions

Before your scheduled flight, try to research on some immigration questions that immigration officers usually asked. These routines questions are usually to know your purpose for travelling to their country. By knowing these questions, you can easily think of a polite and appropriate answer that will convince any immigration personnel.

  1. Be cool with the inspections

First-time travelers usually lose their cool when being held for inspection. Just try to keep calm and proceed with the inspection. But be very vigilant about the checking of bags. If possible, do not let the officers open your bags without your presence. If you are subjected to body frisking, be cautious and take note how it is being done.

  1. Provide proof of financial capacity

Another document that you need to provide when you are being questioned about your purpose of traveling to their country is the proof of financial capacity. This is to prove that you are financially-able to survive the country during your stay and also to dispute that the reason for you to gain entry is to seek employment under a non-working visa.

  1. Do not quiver

At times, immigration officers check your attitude and demeanor towards the questioning and inspection. Be calm and confident. Once they see that you are acting cool towards the whole ordeal, they will realize that your purpose is legit.

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