Space Savers: Hacks to Maximise the Space in Your Small Apartment

Contrary to what you pictured as a teenager, your first apartment isn’t huge and posh. The realities of life and the working world hit you hard in the face, and your dream first luxury apartment is just that: a dream. What you have right now, is a studio apartment with limited space to work with.

That’s fine; owning your first apartment—no matter how small or grand—is an achievement in itself. Besides, apartment interior designers in Bangalore share hacks to maximise the available space you have, so there really is no need to fret.

Here are things you can do to maximise space:

Mounted Book Shelves

Floating shelves are not an entirely new concept in interior design, but they are really effective as creative space savers. By mounting your shelves close to your ceiling and the length of your room, you’re able to create room to move about, while still being able to easily reach your treasured books.

Floating Nightstand

Instead of having a traditional nightstand, why not mount yours on the wall close to your bed? It saves you space and materials needed to build it. Aside from that, it can double as a shelf for a few books and collectibles.

Pull-down, Flip-up, Wall Bed

A pull-down or flip-up wall bed may just be the ultimate space saver. It’s a treasure to small apartment owners who want to strike a balance between style and function. A lot of these beds are creatively built within existing furniture like shelves, or cleverly hidden within walls. With such a bed you can maximise the space of your entire apartment during the day and pull down your bed without a fuss when it’s time to hit the sack.

Under-bed Closets

Another great way to save space in your small apartment is by building your closet under your bed, instead of having a traditional standing closet. It may require you to bust out your DIY carpentry skills or the help of an expert builder, but at the end of the day, it’ll be worth the work. Not only does it save you a lot of room, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

These are just a few examples of space-saving hacks for your small apartment. If you don’t limit yourself and let your creativity run free, surely you will come up with other genius ways to save space. Interior designers like the folks behind can lend you a hand and maybe even make the house you have more amazing than the house you dreamed of.